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Talking with Your Family. Talking about the end of life with your loved ones can be difficult, but not talking about it can be worse. Focus on your goals and quality of life.

Communicating with your Physician. How to prepare for talking with your doctor and making sure you are both heard regarding treatment plans and goals.

Hospice: Worst Fear Meets Best Friend. The title says it all. Get to know this amazing benefit before you need it and breathe easier

Advance Directives. It’s your life and your choice. What you need to do to make your wishes known when it comes to making treatment decisions in advanced illness.

Articles and Resources

Top Ten Myths About Dying

As a healthcare professional working directly with those facing a terminal illness, I believe it is our work to excavate and correct the myths and misconceptions that may drive treatment decisions, including understanding their prior experience or knowledge of death.  This is a a helpful list of the most common myths and misconceptions about what happens to the body during the dying process.
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The Missing Piece in End of Life Decision Making

When facing an end of life issue, our problem is that too many of our decisions are based on fear, or on lack of information or misinformation, which often results in devastating physical, emotional and financial consequences for the patient and family alike. Compassionate and honest education about the natural process of dying is critical to making difficult end-of-life decisions.
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Dispelling Myths about Hospice

There are many old notions and false ideas about the concept of hospice. Discover that hospice is not a place, but a way of caring for people and their families.
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Questions for your doctor

Important questions to ask your doctor before making difficult treatment decisions.
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Questions for you and your family

Important questions for yourself and your family when making treatment decisions.
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