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The Straight Talk Series

For the Patient

“Dying to Know – Straight Talk About Death & Dying” Book

Price: $9.95
This is a book written directly to the person who is facing the end of his/her life. Using frank talk about the physical changes, family dynamics, decision-making, communication, closure and the mystery of dying, it serves to provide comfort and understanding for the patient and family alike. (100 pages)
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“This exceptional book has been invaluable, both personally and professionally, providing much needed information I wasn’t taught in medical school and residency. It is a great source of information in providing compassionate and knowledgeable end-of-life care. I plan to make it available to all my patients facing the end of life.”
~ Ed Beggy, MD, FAAFP, Clinical Associate Professor in Family & Community Medicine, University of Arizona School of Medicine

“Your book ‘Dying to Know, Straight talk about Death and Dying’ is specifically written for me and explains everything completely! I love how you don’t belabor or sugarcoat any part of the process. I appreciate the short succinct chapters that get to the point, yet leave no stone unturned.”
~ Suzette Sherman, Founder, Seven Ponds: Embracing the End of Life Experience

Dying to Know book

For the Patient

“Dying to Know – Straight Talk About Death & Dying”
Book and Accompanying CD

Price: $14.90
There is also an audio version that is available with this same book. For when fatigue, concentration, visual or literacy issues arise, this audio CD is a comforting and easy-to-use learning tool. (CD cannot be sold separately from book).
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“I lost my father, I wish I knew of this book. Now I am losing my aunt to cancer and this book has changed my life and hers – for the better…”
~ from an anonymous person, Vanilla, New York

“This book was a godsend – I don’t know how we would have gotten thru this otherwise. I made sure each of my {adult} children read it.”
“It’s as if [the author] were walking beside me for the past 4 months of my father’s illness – it made care decisions so much easier!”
~ both quotes from anonymous family members

“Every patient diagnosed with a life-threatening disease should read this!”
~ an oncology nurse

“Highlights of the joys and traumas of the dying process are evident on every page of this practical book. The personal voice, resonating with compassion, helps clarify the mystery making this a classic in the field. I recommend it for all of us.”
~ Elaine Rousseau, PhD, Gerontological Researcher

Dying to Know book and cd

For the Healthcare Professional

“Facing the Fears – Straight Talk to Families About the Dying Process”

Price: $39.95
This is a DVD that both instructs and demonstrates how to talk with your patients and families, to minimize fear through education about the natural process of dying. Physical changes and psychosocial challenges are discussed along with the mysteries such as the timing of death and visions. (Length of DVD, approx. 70 minutes).
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“The video has been invaluable for both our hospice training and sharing with our families.”
~ Nancy D., Hospice Educator
Straight talk to Families

For Families and Caregivers

“Facing Your Fears – Straight Talk About the Dying Process”

Price: $29.95
This DVD speaks directly to the lay caregiver about the natural changes that may accompany dying. As such, it’s a useful tool for your staff to use to aid in their teaching. It gently describes the physical changes, how best to respond to each one to promote comfort, how to enhance support and communication, and to glimpse into the awesome mystery of dying. This video will minimize fear and provide a sense of empowerment and peace. (Length of DVD, approx. 48 minutes).
› From an educator

“The DVD is a great tool to help with our hospice families. Your calming presence makes it easy for families to understand this material.”
~ S.D., Hospice Educator
Facing your Fears


“Living Through Dying – The Struggle for Grace”

Price: DVD and discussion guide are $39.95
This extraordinary and touching film realistically reveals the challenging quality of life issues that people may confront as they face death; fear of suffering or being a burden, perceived loss of value and meaning, loss of independence and the desire for a hastened death. Witnessing 5 people and their families speak openly about their experiences and struggles, you are invited to look more deeply into your own fears and values, and begin a personal exploration into how you face your own dying, the impact that can have on others, and how this time can be transformed into profound meaning and peace. Perfect for training both professional and lay caregivers, it is accompanied by a discussion guide to deepen exploration into this dynamic process. This film won the Communicator Award of Distinction for medical education.  This video is only available electronically.  Please email or call me to order.

Living Through Dying